FreshPack - Innovative Butter Packaging
Winner of the international FoodTec Award 2021


ALPMA’s FreshPack sealed butter packaging has been awarded the Gold Medal for innovation at the recent International FoodTec Awards. The prize is awarded every three years and recognises pioneering development in terms of innovation, sustainability and efficiency in the field of food technology.

The FreshPack innovative butter packaging solution from ALPMA wraps butter much more effectively than the conventional, envelope-like folding wrap that has traditionally been used. In contrast to the classic butter wrap, FreshPack’s all-round pack sealing guarantees protection against tampering, creating confidence in the product for the consumer. In addition, less packaging material is required for optimum protection.

The seal also protects the butter from oxygen exchange, so the aroma is retained in the product and the shelf life is extended. As a result, when you open the packaging, you can smell and taste that the butter is fresher. In addition, the practical easy-open tabs make it possible to peel open the butter quickly and easily so that greasy fingers are a thing of the past. In addition, less packaging material is required for optimum product protection in comparison with a plastic tub.

Benefits of ALPMA FreshPack over traditional butter packaging:
  • Aroma protection
  • Longer shelf life
  • Tamper evident closure
  • Easy-open tabs
  • Sustainable premium packaging

freshpack foodtec gold award 2021.jpg