The longest Coagulator in the world!


Dense forests, green hills, enchanting lakes – this is the landscape of the US state of Wisconsin. A state characterised by agriculture, and where companies have become specialists in the dairy industry. The Americans respectfully refer to it as the “Cheese State” – because no other US state produces more cheese.

And thanks to ALPMA, Wisconsin can now boast another superlative: the longest Coagulator in the world.

Three years ago, Saputo announced it would be modernising its blue cheese manufacturing process by developing a state of the art facility at its existing plant in Almena, Wisconsin. ALPMA won the order – and production is already underway.

The figures are impressive: the cheese curd is produced in a coagulator with a record length of 83 metres. In an area of roughly 3,500 square metres, the cheese is then drained, portioned, stacked, climatised in a climate-controlled tunnel, turned several times, separated again, salted and pierced. The piercing machine inserts its needles into four loaves simultaneously, giving the cheese the air it needs to create the blue veins in its interior. The cheese is then stacked again and matures for up to 60 days, after which it can be de-stacked and packaged.

And by the way: a large proportion of Saputo’s blue cheese is later crumbled. Americans love crumbled blue cheese from Wisconsin, their “Cheese State”.

At 83 metres long, it’s the longest in the world.